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7 Backyard Truisms



My summer is officially over. I leave for August Conference early in the morning. My bags are already packed.

Sitting at my deck this evening I contemplated my summer projects. They were hard work, but very satisfying. There is a price to pay, other than financial, for enjoying an outdoor space. I decided to share what I like to call my “7 Back Yard Truisms”.



  • The amount of leakage from your hose spray-nozzle is equal to the amount of clothing you are wearing. The more clothes, the greater the leak.

  • Any leakage from your faucet connection will go directly on your shoes.

  • Paint you want to stay on a surface will probably flake off, bird poop must be scrubbed with a stiff brush to remove.

  • Dirt used to fill a hole in the landscaping will wash out with the next rain. Dirt on the house, tables, or cooker must be scrubbed away.

  • If the roof over a deck is going to leak, it will do so directly over a door.

  • If a board is going to splinter, it will be where people most frequently walk.

  • The weed-eater battery will give out half way through the task every other time. On the times the battery lasts, the string will run out before the job is finished.


  • I’m throwing in my brother’s favorite comment about the outdoors because I think it’s so true! He insists there are field rocks and road rocks. Field rocks come to the surface and road rocks sink into the ground.

    Happy start to the new school year, everyone!



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