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My Neighbor Called Code Enforcement on Me!

 One of my neighbors called the code enforcer on me for the weeds and trash in my back yard.


      Hmm. I'll admit I'm not the best gardener around. Not even close. I'll also admit to waiting until the cool weather this past week to mow my slightly overgrown grass. Give me a break. School started. I had things to take care of and we've had an extraordinary amount of rain. My grass grew better than my flowers.


     What I don't get is weeds and trash?? Trash? I have deliberately planted red tips around my yard to block the view of the neighbors. I do have hedge planted where there aren't any red tips. Those have been there for as long as I've lived here. I planted them the first year.


     I have no idea where the "trash" idea came from. I have that same ugly, rolling, trash can that everyone else has, but it's in my front yard. There is no trash in my yard, front or back.


    My last question is, how does that neighbor know what is in my yard? Those plants were bought, planted, and fertilized so they would grow up and block the neighbor's view from windows and back yards. That person must walk over to my fence and peer into my yard, around the shrubs, to see???


   The Code Enforcer is to come back Monday and tell me where the offending weeds and trash is. I will keep you updated. Of course waiting until Monday is eating into my 10 days I was given to remove said weeds and trash.


     By the way, if he wants me to cut down my red tips you will probably hear the ruckus I make all across this community.

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