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    Calling all gardeners, landscape hobbyists, and lovers of beauty. I had such great response for my raised flower bed (now fairy garden with rose moss) suggestions that I decided to ask about my front yard  albatross. What the heck am I going to do with this mess? 
    Fourteen years ago I moved into my present home. Of course I thought it needed "fixing" up, inside more than out, but the yard was bad. I set about creating the perfect front yard. A lot of money and many hours of hard labor went in to the process. 

    An 18" rock wall ran along the sidewalk at the front edge. I knew I couldn't mow the edge very easily, so I made a flower garden. I dug out grass and weeds the whole length of the wall. I installed an edging, bought and spread mulch yearly, and planted flowers ... yearly. The ones from the previous year never survived, even though they were perennials. The grass had to be dug out every spring because pulling all the grass inevitably made the earth ready to receive the fresh new grass sprigs. 
    Two years ago I gave up, tore it all out, and let the grass grow. It grew. Everywhere. As you see in the picture, I have a huge mess around my tree. Yes, there are shrubs planted. None recognizable. Yes, there is ornamental grass, not visible because of the regular grass. Yes, there are trees. The big tree is dying so I'm saving the little trees to see how well they will grow. Big mistake, I'm sure. They will be too big for me to take down by the time I decide I don't want them. 

    I can't afford to hire a landscaper, so the work will be done by me. I'm open to all suggestions, elaborate or simple, but I can tell you right now I have two brown thumbs, in case you hadn't guessed from the above photo. 


Desperately Seeking Advice!

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