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                              Destiny Fulfilled


"An excellent read! Fast paced with surprises around every corner. I didn't want the story to end, so hopefully there is a chance that the author will add another volume to this saga."                                 B. J. Red

Destiny Fulfilled

ISBN: 1500576352

Jade Abbott is in love with Rayel Vieux. She trusts him and his parents with her life, until Foust Warrant tries to convince her she must trust him or risk death. Earth is in grave danger, in part because Jade lives on the planet. She knows her destiny is to leave her adoptive parents and go to Corasias to save the planet from the evil of the Malabar, but does she leave with Rayel, or Foust? Her heart pleads one case, her mind the other. The decision she makes will not only have an impact on her, but also on the people of two worlds.

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