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I'm Firing the Designer!


Good morning!


I was up at 6a.m. and out working on my deck. It's beautiful at that time of day, but already hot. Maybe it's just me:)


As those of you who follow my blog know, I've a new deck, as of last summer, and a new serving table. I love both.


I don't, however, appreciate the talents of the designer. That would be me, of course.


Issue #1: The deck is long, very long, but not very wide--about 10 feet. The was done on purpose. That's the width of my glassed in room on the south end of the deck. It works perfectly to walk out the sliding door. It doesn't work perfectly for: 1 5x5 square table, 8 chairs plus a lounge, one serving table, 1 gas grill, and a plethora of potted plants (much loved by their owner).


Issue #2: My new serving table was designed (by me) to fit directly under the kitchen window so that food, drinks etc. could be set out on the top shelf. Wonderful idea, and it works. Problem? My water faucet is directly below, in the middle of the window. The table must be moved every time I want to turn on the water.  So I'll do that, until I come up with a better plan.


It's okay. Life's not perfect. I'll still enjoy my deck. 

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