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Let your personality shine from the most unexpected
places in your home. Order your Tiny Treasure today.
Hand crafted, one of a kind pieces of art, small enough to fit in the tiniest of places, but big enough to make a huge impact.  Aqua hoops are 8". Wooden hoop is 9". 



Green black laundry edited.jpg
Life is short.jpg
Live well desk edited.jpg
butterfly on plant.jpg
Choose to be happy edited 2.jpg
Kiss the cook edited.jpg
Do more.jpg
Enjoy small stuff.jpg


Red Laundry edited-1.jpg
Like seashells edited.jpg
Welcome home1.jpg
3 shells.jpg
God bless.jpg
2 piece childs .jpg
Love more.jpg
You can't control.jpg
New Day.jpg
sewing on desk.jpg
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