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              Keeping Secrets



"Just when you think that Billy Letts has the corner on small-town Oklahoma, along comes Rita Durrett. Keeping Secrets has you rooting for Caitlin from the very first page. It's not until the end, however, that you feel comfortable enough with Caitlin's situation to acutally put the book down! Caitlin is such an endearing character that you'll find yourself wanting to take her in yourself and make sure her everything turns out just right!"

                                                                         Heather J. Davis "Minivan Mamma"

Keeping Secrets by Rita Durrett
Keeping Secrets

ASIN: B00596749U

In the coming-of-age novel, ‘Keeping Secrets’, three-year-old Caitlyn Grant’s mother passed away and left her living with the step-father. Now she is seventeen and pregnant. She fears being forced to get an abortion if her stepfather finds out. He doesn’t know yet, and if she can help it, he never will.


Gathering courage from her mother’s childhood lessons of faith, Caitlyn goes to school as usual one morning and disappears. Facing the world as a runaway, she has the challenge of hiding from her step-father and keeping her past hidden from those in her new world.


She is desperate to find a home, safety and security. What she finds is a formidable, rugged and handsome Forest Thompson. He wants to be a part of her life, but there are so many things she can't tell him. How many secrets can a young girl keep without being found out? Keeping Secrets is a story of courage, determination, and most of all, it is a story of love.

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