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                           Smugglers in Paradise




"Rita Durrett takes us on a journey full of passion and adventure in this suspenseful and steamy romance."                                                                                    Jennifer McMurrain

Smugglers in Paradise

ISBN: 1500664901


Megan West has planned a relaxing cruise vacation with her mom. So much for plans. Her luggage is stolen and death threats overheard before she has even boarded the ship. Her life becomes entangled with a dark haired, brown eyed stranger who is rude, arrogant, and probably dangerous.

Travis Mankiller has missing art and artifacts to find, but some little minx keeps getting in his way. He’d love to get rid of her, but she is the key to his suspect.

Together they embark on an adventure of suspense and intrigue spiced with romance and passion as hot as the tropical background in which it is set.

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